The sphere of interpersonal behavior most directly associated with leading up to, substituting for or resulting from genital union. The phenomena of sexual instincts, responses and behaviors and their manifestations.

Western civilization tends to regard sex as genital copulation for procreation purposes. However the concept of sex is far more broad to include actions which involve sexual instincts, responses or behaviors and in many cultures need not involve genital copulation to be regarded as ‘sex’. It can be said that any activity which involves sexual behaviors, instincts or responses is sex. To extend this further you can intersect many religious doctrines which consider the action of ‘contemplation of sexual behavior’ to be the same as or identical to the physical action of that sexual behavior. In this regard you can view sexual and/or sexually intimate conversations or correspondence to be actions of sex participated in willfully by all parties involved. You can also regard the contemplation of materials for the express purpose of sexual arousal to be an action of sex by the individual, regardless of the fact that the individual may participate in this action alone. The sexual partner in this practice is the ‘imagined’ or ‘fantasized’ partner. These then become or may become actions of infidelity if one or more of the partners is involved in other relationships where the action of sex outside of that relationship is considered a violation of that relationship.

The intimacy experienced within the actions of S/m, B/d, D/s fall cleanly within the necessary standard of sexual behavior, instinct or response to fit within the category loosely identified as ‘sex’. It is not necessary for an action to consummate in genital union for that action to be sex. The intent of an action does not exclude the action from being sex.

There are extensive materials written about the ‘exchange’ of power that is experienced during actions of D/s, B/d, S/m. This ‘exchange’ is often identified as the surface or visible apparent acceptance of or relinquishment of ‘role’ and the ‘power’ of direction that is expressed as within this ‘exchange’ or establishment or role parameters. This surface presentation does exist but does not accurately convey the substance of the ‘exchange’ or perhaps more precisely ‘passage’ of energy between those involved in the action, event or scene. Within the relationship and interaction both or all partners involved contribute focus, attention and ‘energy’ toward the ‘event’ even when that event is an ongoing or non-goal related interaction. This energy is ‘churned’ or agitated into an excited state by directed actions toward this ‘stimulation of the energy’ process. During this process the energy ‘changes’ or exhibits properties not apparent in it’s less ‘active’ states. As it undergoes these changes it alters the experience or viewpoint of perceptible reality of those involved within the circuit of energy flow. To some extent this process can be experienced as a consumption of reality which can or may involve the exit of time, distance, space and other linear tracking forms or structures within the mind. The result of this extensive process may or can be the achievement of a state of ‘singularity’ not remarkably dissimilar to the state of singularity which is used by physicists when describing the nature of a black hole which achieves a state of infinite density to the point where the laws of physics begin to degrade. This state is also identified as that point where time, distance and space exit known reality. This process can extend to sensations of separation from the physical body to the extent that the individual (submissive) may be completely unable to recognize any measuring forms to identify if the physical body remains in a ‘safe’ state. When in this state the individual (submissive) is ‘incompetent’ or unable to act with responsibility for their mental, physical, emotional or spiritual safety and no effort should be taken to require or expect this responsibility to exist from them.

The achievement of an ‘altered state’ which is not limited by physical constraints or limits is often experienced by the individual as a significant spiritual event and some people consider ‘crossing the threshold’ akin to stepping into the presence of the ‘creator force’. The language used to describe this state is generally the language the individual uses to describe their religious or spiritual belief’s. The energy which is being churned, altered and used as a vehicle toward achievement of a state of singularity is the energy within the body that is oriented toward the ‘creation’ of life and can be identified as ‘creator energy’ or ‘life energy’.


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