Pleasure ~ Power ~ Possession

PleasureA condition of gratification of the senses or mind; an agreeable sensation or emotion, the excitement relish or happiness produced by expectation or enjoyment of something good, delightful or satisfying.

Power A position of ascendancy, control, dominion. The ability to compel obedience. A source or means of supplying energy.

PossessionThe act of taking into one’s control, placing at one’s disposal property without regard to ownership and who has rights to assert interests in the property against all others having no better right than of self.

Together these elements form the ‘Seductions’, a presentation by the submissive aspect to encourage or lure the engagement of action by others in the form of an exchange of vital energy. This lure or presentation acts to diminish resistance by seducing the attention of the seductee away from the consequences of significant depletion of energy resources and by encouraging considerations of immediate surface gratification’s. The apparent exchange of pleasure, power and possession is often packaged to appear to be a fair or excellent value in the arena of mental negotiations which occur between the presenting submissive and their ‘choice’ Dominant.

Resisting the lure of the Seductions is enormously difficult if the choice Dominant is at a point of instability, insecurity, lowered esteem or vulnerability produced by circumstance. Embracement of the ideology or promise inherent in the lures can appear to be an important opportunity to immediately improve the Dominants sense of self-strength. Accepting a lure package can thrust the Dominant into a storm of depletion, the equivalent of a sensory and mental assault upon them. With their management skills already under challenge or stress the ability to delegate additional energy into the handling of the bursting ‘needs’ of another human being may accelerate the sensations of stress and pressure that the Dominant is already under.

Attempts to ‘withdraw’ from the energy draining submissive can lead to feelings or sensations of personal failure, confusion, pain, loss and ’emasculation’ (non-gender). Such a withdrawal often occurs with a desperate burst of energy usually released with accusations of bitterness or conflict sometimes leading to charges of betrayal, abuse, deceit or other forms of diminishment humiliation. This compounded battery upon the welfare of the Dominant may lead to long term withdrawal from relationships, loss of face and serious bouts of depression or debilitating illness.

A healthy Dominant may consider a seduction package to reflect a submissive who is within a non-reciprocal energy state. That submissive’s actions may be viewed as a form of manipulation based on an expectation of receipt (of goods), the orientation not toward the Dominant but toward the ‘needs’ of the submissive. This form of direction is most commonly used by newly emergent submissives as they attempt to ‘manage’ the spiraling out of control sensations that twist through them. There is a commonly held belief that they are exchanging or giving pleasure, power and possession to the Dominant as an entity or object of measurable barter or trade. It appears to be poorly understood that pleasure, power and possession are a given or simply exist as part of the natural relationship between a healthy Dominant and healthy submissive and are not negotiable terms or considerations. There is a mutuality to the blending of Dominant and submissive which blurs the lines of giver and givee creating a seamless smooth awareness between them.

A packaged presentation expresses that the package is ‘separate’ from the individual, or distinct and different from the self. This package is then at direct odds from the ‘meaning’ of the expression since it must then exist ‘outside’ of the submissive in order to be a ‘package’ to be offered. When the meaning exists within the submissive then the submissive can no longer offer as separate what is integral to their being, their consideration is that they cannot be without these aspects or meanings of self, thus they cannot give them.


~ by TheDungeonMaster on April 16, 2010.

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