Please note that the vagina has its own chemistry and ph balance and is somewhat sensitive to this. I’d tend to recommend that you allow plenty of time after a session for recovery before the next session My personal guidlines have been to allow a few days between applications (assuming a ‘small/medium’ application) and perhaps more after a longer/more intense session. There are no rules, but upsetting the vagina’s chemical balance could greatly increse the effects or chances of yeast and other feminine type infectionsand problems.

My general recommendation is to dilute between 5:1 and 20:1 when you are trying things out. Some of these substances can cause chemical burns that blister if used in large quantities or on people who are extra sensative or in full strength.

Some people may be allergic so you should be careful of allergic reactions. You will get different reactions of different strengths on different locations. One of my partners tried a little on her wrist and it burned/caused more reddining there then nipples or cunt. Some of these will hit at pretty much full strength on contact, others can take a few minutes to build up.

I dilute the oils with water by useing a small bottle with a cap and shaking vigerously to form a suspension and reshaking as needed.

You should allow time between apications when trying things out at the beginning levels as one substance may dull the senses and give false or misleading intensity readings on other substances. You may also find that substance a causes substance b to be much more intense.

Some substances can be toxic and absorbed through the skin. READ THE LABEL. Then READ THE LABEL AGAIN. I try to only use substances either designed to be eaten and/or applied to the body.

Many of these substances are oils and will eat plastic/latex at various speeds. Being oils, they will not wash off with plain water, you have to use soap or other cleansers.

Substance List

Cinnamon Oil:
Availible at party and baking supply stores in .5 to 2oz bottles (food grade for flavoring) or at some drug stores/pharmacies in 8oz or larger bottles (not food grade, but I do use it on nipples). Used on nipples (full strength), it provides a mild burning sensation and a nice odor:). Used on the labia, it provides a burning sensation which at full strength is very intense. (My play partner dashed for the bathroom to wash it off, others have found it just bearable and very intense). I usuallly apply it with a q-tip. This is strong stuff most. Be very careful! I’d recommend a 20:1 dilution to start.

Peppermint extract:
Provides a cool burning when applied to labia, quite pleasent actually. No nipple effects. Available at grocery stores.

Similiar to Cinnamon oil, but not as strong and a ‘cooler’ burning sensation. I’ve applied it to nipples and crotch.

Tobasco sauce:
Very intense on labia or rectally on a butt plug. One bottom reports using a 1:1 dilution for ‘pleasure’ scenes and full stength for punishment scenes. Starts near full intensity and wears off over time or washing.

Oriental hot oils:
There are several. One person reports a vanalla partner wanted to try this rubbed on her crotch and enjoyed it for awhile, but it built up to an intense burning after a short while (I’d guess about a half a minute or so). Starts very mild and builds over time. Different brands/types may react differently.

Jalapeno peppers:
The reports sound a lot like tobasco sauce, but I don’t how the intensity compares to tobasco sauce. Olive oil is reported to alleviate the effects.

Mild burning sensation when used anally, fairly popular and the most often used in regular scenes, when substances are used. Unless you think you’re very sensitive, I’d use full strength.

Ben-Gay, Tiger Balm, Icy-Hot, and other mneral rubs:
Different reactions from different people. Usually more intense applied frontally then anally, but different people respond differently. I seem to be immune to them anally, while others find them much stronger. These are more intense when exposed to air/water. I’m not sure how to dilute these. I’d just use very small quantities, well rubbed around. I’ve used it with KY on dildoes and rubbed directly on the crotch

Vicks vapor rub:
Start with small dabs. The effect peaks quickly and fades in about 15 minutes. Very hard to remove.

Other hot sauces: you’re on your own. I’d assume that the heat in erotic use is similiar to how much it burns your tongue as you eat it.

Stuff NOT to Use!

Things not to use!! This are again from peoples reports either posted to the net or in email.

Extremely intense burning when applied to the crotch and probably toxic. It will not wash off, you’re stuck leting it fade over time.

Cheap Perfume (high alcohol content):
A female bottom I’ve corresponded with put about 1-2 teaspons on a tampon and inserted it anally. felt good going in, but murder coming out and she worshipped the porcelon pot for about half a week as well as smelling bad.

Fubbing/Ispropol Alcohol:
These are not desinged for internal consumption or use. They almost always denatured (made poisonous) to prevent drinking.

Some Scene Ideas

When I show dilutions, 1:1 is 1 part water to 1 part irritant, 5-10:1 is dilutions of 5:1 through 10:1.

light: rectal – toothpaste (crest is a good brand)

        front - Wintergreen diluted 5-10:1, tobasco or Cinnamin oil
                diluted 10-20:1.
        nipples - Cinnamon oil 5-10:11 or wintergreen 5:1

mild: tobasco front or rear diluted 10-15:1

        front - Cinnamin oil/wintergreen diluted 5-10:1, small amount of
                bengay/icy-hot/tiger balm.
        nipples - wintergreen 2:1 or Cinnamin oil 2-5:1

intense:tobasco front or rear diluted 2-5:1

        front - Cinnamin oil 2-5:1, Wintergreen full strength to 2:1,
                bengay/icy-hot/tigerbalm a normal amount rubbed in.
        niples - Cinnimon oil or wintergreen applied full strength.


        tobasco front or rear at full strength.
        Cinnimon oil applied front at full strength.
        liberal quantities of bengay/icy-hot/tiger balm well rubbed in.

Intense/punishment scene: Take a tampon and liberally coat it with tobasco sauce and insert it rectally. Take a second tampon and liberally coat it with tobasco sauce, bengay, icy-hot, or cinnimon oil and insert if in front. Then take a sanatary napkin or cotton pad and coat with one of these and first rub well on labia/clit and then hold it firmly in place with a crotch strap. She should be restrained so she can not interfer or remove things until you decide she should or until she accomplishes some task (predetermined before the scene). You can also just use butt plugs and coat them appropriatly. Putting condoms on things makes clean up easier.

Mild scene: Use a qtip to apply the irritant (diluted) to the front. Apply full strength to nipples. Use toothpaste or diluted substance in rear.

A normal amount of cinnimon oil/tobasco sauce on a plug would be 2-6 drops.

~ by TheDungeonMaster on April 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Irritants”

  1. You forgot ginger.

  2. Hey I was just wondering, you said that there are 2 types of cinnamon oil, food grade, and non food grade. Which would be the best to buy?

  3. Thank you for this list. I bought a beginner prostate massager several weeks ago and tried it out when I had the house to myself. After trying it I realized I’m likely suffering from deathgrip syndrome, because though the sensations were nice, the massager didn’t do much by itself. I’m early twenties, but I live with parents and two siblings, so there’s always the danger of getting caught.

    Yesterday I had a few hours to myself before one sibling got out of bed while the rest of the house emptied. I put several drops of Frank’s Hot Sauce into a plastic baggie, turned it inside out as a makeshift condom, covered my largest beginner massager (which is still small, IMO. I wasn’t impressed the first time I tried it.) and used it.

    After a few minutes, I had a new respect and definition for the phrase: “My ass is on fire!”

    I lasted about ten minutes before I had to take it out. It’s just too painful. But now I know why the pony trainers I read about in fiction use this technique to “break” their charges’ spirit. And how much of a punishment this truly is. Boy, it burns.

    Right now, I’ve got another 90ish minutes alone, and I did the same thing again. This time, I upped the ante by smearing some of the hot sauce around the head of my cock, so that’s now in more pain than my ass is. Ouch. And I’m not even doing anything, just sitting in my chair typing with two layers of underwear on under my jeans to hold everything in.

    I’ve been sitting here in burning agony for about 13 minutes now. My goal is 15.

    To be clear, in no way, shape, or form does this arouse me. I am simply, deeply, interested in stuff like this and since I’m on a budget, I have to get creative. I can’t buy anything big or expensive, because I might have to dump everything in case my parents come close to finding out.

    Thank you for posting this sir, I just had to tell someone about this and I don’t know anyone in my area who does.

  4. 46 minutes in, the pain has almost completely subsided. There’s a gentle warmth now in the shed where it was burning. I did not dilute the sauce at all.

    Scrolling through profiles on a dating site definitely took my mind off the pain of the experience.

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